OK, I have a website, now the customers will pour in…right?

Your website is the first impression search engine users get of your business. If it looks like an 8 year old created your website, those potential search engine customers are gone. It’s called “the BACK button”.

It takes about 2 minutes to realize that while the website design is important, getting found in the search engines and converting visitors to customers, is what business owners really want. It’s amazing how many web design firms still haven’t figured that out.

Your website needs to deliver the right message at the exact moment your potential customer is looking.

It’s that critical moment in time that will decide whether they are going to do business with you, or try one of your competitors. For your company, your website is a way to showcase what you do and how you do it.

Most small businesses fail to utilize their website properly.

You have no idea how many potential customers you’re missing out on.

So how can we help?

We make websites better. Better for your customers. Better for your company. And better for your bottom line.

Efluence has been building and managing small business websites since 1997.