The websites we typically come across make the same mistakes over and over.

The website is all about the company, or the individual. It’s focused on the features and not the benefits.

Remember, its not about YOU. Your website visitor is only concerned about one thing, W.I.I.F.M.

What’s In It For ME.

The focus of most websites cover how great a company is, their achievements, or personal websites that talk all about accomplishments. Your visitor does not care, at least not yet. They want to know the benefit to them instead of your features.

Talking about yourself won’t help convert those visitors. GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Let them know the benefits of your service or product. Antilock brakes are a great feature of cars. However telling the average person their vehical is equipped with antilock brakes will absolutely not mean as much as if you tell them that this car has equipment that is designed to help drivers avoid crashes by preventing wheels from skidding.

Big Difference!

Think about your website from your visitors perspective. Are you delivering the right message?

Are you answering the question they were looking to answer when they came to your site? Do you know why the majority of visitors are actually coming to your site and are you meeting the challenge they have?

Think about your site from a difference perspective and you’ll be surprised at how your site fails to meet those expectations of your visitors.

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