Why Your Website Doesn’t Work

OK, I have a website, now the customers will pour in…right?

Your website is the first impression search engine users get of your business. If it looks like an 8 year old created your website, those potential search engine customers are gone. It’s called “the BACK button”.

It takes about 2 minutes to realize that while the website design is important, getting found in the search engines and converting visitors to customers, is what business owners really want. It’s amazing how many web design firms still haven’t figured that out.

Your website needs to deliver the right message at the exact moment your potential customer is looking.

It’s that critical moment in time that will decide whether they are going to do business with you, or try one of your competitors. For your company, your website is a way to showcase what you do and how you do it.

Most small businesses fail to utilize their website properly.

You have no idea how many potential customers you’re missing out on.

So how can we help?

We make websites better. Better for your customers. Better for your company. And better for your bottom line.

Efluence has been building and managing small business websites since 1997.


4 Facts About Your Business

  • You need more people to visit your website
  • You need to use effective web marketing to get these search engine users to use your service or product
  • You need your website to convey professionalism and authority
  • You need reliable web site services and web marketing help.

We also know that unless someone takes charge of your website search engine marketing it will never get done and your search engine leads will be down the drain or, should we say, in your competitors inbox.

We offer professional web site services to small business owners like you. We know the economy is brutal and that you don’t have a lot of money.

We work with content-management websites, static web sites, WordPress and Joomla platforms.


Why Your Website is NOT working.

The websites we typically come across make the same mistakes over and over.

The website is all about the company, or the individual. It’s focused on the features and not the benefits.

Remember, its not about YOU. Your website visitor is only concerned about one thing, W.I.I.F.M.

What’s In It For ME.

The focus of most websites cover how great a company is, their achievements, or personal websites that talk all about accomplishments. Your visitor does not care, at least not yet. They want to know the benefit to them instead of your features.

Talking about yourself won’t help convert those visitors. GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Let them know the benefits of your service or product. Antilock brakes are a great feature of cars. However telling the average person their vehical is equipped with antilock brakes will absolutely not mean as much as if you tell them that this car has equipment that is designed to help drivers avoid crashes by preventing wheels from skidding.

Big Difference!

Think about your website from your visitors perspective. Are you delivering the right message?

Are you answering the question they were looking to answer when they came to your site? Do you know why the majority of visitors are actually coming to your site and are you meeting the challenge they have?

Think about your site from a difference perspective and you’ll be surprised at how your site fails to meet those expectations of your visitors.

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2 Part Battle

There are 2 battles when it comes to web marketing.

The first is actually getting people to your website. However you do this, whether it be by organic search engine results, pay-per-click, direct mail, etc., its obviously an important step.

If you can’t get people to your website, then you can;t get them to step 2, converting those visitors into leads.

The amount of traffic you get on a daily basis, the actual number of unique visitors to your site should not be your main concern. Your online marketing is not a success based solely on the number of visitors to your site per day or month. This is a quality not quantity conversation.

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Your Website Needs A Workout

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“Your Website Needs to go to the gym, it’s out of shape”

If we make that a Headline, it might make more sense to you, but to the search engines and for search engine marketing it means nothing, because nobody will be searching for those terms.

To clarify that headline, search engine marketing and search engine optimization takes work, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
If you go to the gym for 3 months, every other day, you will get in good shape.

However, what happens when you stop going? What if you cut back your workouts to once a week, once a month?
It’s safe to say that your results will certainly take steps back and you can’t maintain the same level by only going once per month.

The same is true with your organic search results.

Search engine optimization is a process, there is no magic pill you can take to get on the first page. With that in mind, and using the fitness analogy, you now have a much better understanding of what you need to do to procure top rankings in the search engines on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

So instead of making the headline above large, we make this one below with the tag because that’s what the search engines like and these are some terms we feel companies will look for to find us.
St. Louis web design help, search engine marketing, optimization and social media company.

This tag will be very relevant to the search engines, and its our belief that your pages should be relevant to your audience but created with the search engines in mind.