Most web designers are not search engine optimizers by trade. They simply know how to code HTML and make web graphics; slapping together a quick or not so quick website. Then they collect their fee, and move on to the next client. Some may even try to up sell the small business search engine optimization as a secondary service….and they now cost even more money!

Save time, money, and sanity by deliberately building a website optimized from the very start. Search engine friendly web design for your small business is a meticulous craft that factors in keyword analysis, search engine algorithms, site architecture, great SEO sales copy, linking building campaigns, online press releases, and a variety of other methods. Our fine tuned and detailed approach produces successful results!

Efluence Marketing offers the following Web Design services for small businesses:
* Web Design – Build it SEO right the first time
* Website Re-Design – Target missing website traffic
* Landing Page Development – Track special offers online

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