You should be concerned with only a few things.

1. Page 1 of the Search Engines

2. Having a website that converts clicks to calls or makes them take a measurable action.

If you’re not on page one of the search engines, Google, Yahoo! or Bing, you’re missing out on all the traffic.

Think about your own browsing habits. How often are you going to page 2?

As a matter of fact, why do you need to? Google provides almost 30 options on page 1. They are supposed to be the best options “first”, so why would you go to page 2?

We can get you to the promise land, however, if the visitors show up and your website scares them away….Houston, we’ve got a problem.

Most web designers are not search engine optimizers by trade. They simply know how to code HTML and make web graphics; slapping together a quick or not so quick website. Then they collect their fee, and move on to the next client. Some may even try to up sell the small business search engine optimization as a secondary service….and they now cost even more money!
We are a St Louis MO SEO company that helps you take advantage of the traffic by putting you in the best positions possible, all on page one.